We at Zig Zag Pressure Cleaning are one of the leading professional pressure cleaning

services in Adelaide. We have years of experience and a dedicated team that can get

the job done right

Quality Pressure Cleaning Assured

Affordable Prices

Fully Qualified Team

Some of our services

Homes & Buildings

We can high pressure wash any residential home or commercial business

Driveways & Pathways

If your driveway or pathways is covered in grime & dirt, we can have it looking like new


And stone, concrete or steel wall can be high pressure cleaned & rid of any residue

We are a frachise business and have locations throughout the city including Adelaide North, Adelaide South, Glenelg, Henley Beach, Kurralta Park, Modbury, Mount Barker, Port Adelaide & Salisbury

You can read more about us and our business here

“Zig Zag Pressure Cleaning is a cut above the rest”

Jay from Zig Zag came to our investment property that was starting to get a huge build up of mould and grime around the base of the house and on the front brick fence.

He did an absolutley incredible job of cleaning it all off. It looks like a brand new fence and the house hasnt look this good in years. I woudl highly reccomend Zig Zag for any and all pressure cleaning work

Why our customers love our pressure cleaning service

All Surfaces

We can clean all surfaces from walls, driveways, streets, brick, fences, roofs & more

Affordable Prices

We offer some of the most affordable pressure cleaning prices in all of Adelaide

Leading High Pressure Cleaning

We have years of experience and have a fully qualified team with the skills & knowledge to pressure clean any surface

High Pressure Cleaning
Our high pressure cleaning service is one of the leaders in Adelaide. We use state of the art pressure washing equipment that can easily remove any grime, mould, dirt and dust build up on almost any surface
Driveways & Paths
If you have a dirty driveways of footpaths covered in grime and dirt build up, we can have them pressure washed and looking like brand new in no time. We will carefully clean and remove any build up of any kind and ensure to get every inch of residue off to get a brand new look.
Whether its a wall on your home or a wall on your business, if its looking a little weather and dirty, we will pressure clean it and remove any dirt and grime build up. This can get your home, office, shop, school or building looking like a million dollars

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