Jays Pressure Cleaning Modbury

Jays Pressure Cleaning Modbury are the High Pressure Cleaning Specialists in Adelaide’s North East. We service the whole of Adelaide, so even if you aren’t in the Modbury, Valley View, Hope Valley, Holden Hill areas, we travel all over and will happily come to you.

Driveway Cleaning: This is a huge one. With our specialised high pressure cleaning equipment, we can literally restore old driveways to look almost like brand new. The amount of people we’ve had amazed as they watch their driveway completely transform in front of their eyes in a matter of seconds, is simply amazing. This is especially good for resale, as it honestly gives the appearance of a brand new driveway, for just a fraction of the cost.

While we are there, why not clean the roof tiles. Years of moss, lichens and sediment, discolouring the roof tiles. Again, this is perfect for resale and adding value, as it looks like you’ve got a new roof and a new driveway.

We also work with builders, where new homes need a last minute tidy up to get off all that builders dust and sediment, and ensure that the home looks brand new on the outside for handover.

This type of service is nothing like the DIY kits which are cheap, cumbersome and often ineffective while prone to damaging the surface they are meant to be cleaning.

For a professional pressure clean, contact Jay of Jays Pressure Cleaning Modbury.