Jays Pressure Cleaning Mt Barker

Jay’s Pressure Cleaning Mt Barker. Hi I’m Jay from Jay’s pressure Cleaning Mt Barker. We do a lot of work in Mt Barker on new homes with our high pressure cleaning equipment. A lot of this is on the new buildings that are going on with all the development and construction. Our systems are tough on dirt, grime and other build up, but gentle enough on the bricks, and concrete we clean.

The DIY stuff just doesn’t have the same effect as the specialised equipment we have invested a lot of money into.

Roof Pressure Cleaning. A lot of older homes have lichens, moss and sediment on their roof tiles. We’ve helped many of the older homes in Mt Barker get their home looking like new again thanks to our pressure cleaning.

Driveway Cleaning: By far and away the best way to get your driveway looking brand new again is with high pressure cleaning. You probably don’t even realise the discolouration on your driveways now until we start cleaning it right before your very eyes. This is a “must have” service if you are looking to sell your home. The value added from this simple service is amazing, it truly does make your home sparkle and look like new again.

There are many other uses for High Pressure Cleaning, please call me, Jay from Jay’s High Pressure Cleaning Mount Barker and I will happily answer your questions and work with you on making your home, or building site look immaculate thanks to high pressure cleaning.