Jays Pressure Cleaning Port Adelaide

Jay’s Pressure Cleaning Port Adelaide. If you need High Pressure Cleaning in Port Adelaide, call me, Jay. This is especially useful for stone restoration and cleaning, cleaning build up, soot, grime off old brickwork, cleaning moss and lichens off roof tiles, and cleaning concrete driveways and paving.

The power of the high pressure cleaning equipment I’ve invested in is simply phenomenal. It gets most surfaces looking brand new again, without causing damage to that actual surface.

Most customers are shocked at the “before and after” happening right in front of them as we set to work.


Builders love it for final finishes of new homes, as there is always dust and dirt splashed up on these new homes.

Property developers and home renovators love our work too, because it enhances street appeal and adds value when homes go to market. We’ve done a few driveway cleans, and stone restoration cleans on old homes, and in literally half an hour the place has gone from something old and looking awful, to a stunning new restoration. The difference in half an hour is literally worth thousands of dollars in these cases to people making a sale.

So if you have someĀ  solid areas around the home or workplace that could do with a clean, contact Jay’s Pressure Cleaning Port Adelaide and we can help.